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All of our training programs are designed to lay the foundation for a happy, social and well behaved dog. We will focus on owner education, how to appropriately communicate with your dog and help you to build the relationship you desire.  Upon picking up your dog, our trainers will spend a couple hours with you to go over everything your dog has learned and help transition everything your dog has learned with us to you! In addition to the initial go-home lesson, all programs include two additional in-home lessons.  All training is catered to you and your dog. Please reach out to us for what program would be best for you!


4 Days or 7 Days

This program focuses on your dogs behavior inside the home! As all guests should, we'd like them to mind their manners! We will teach them to be respectful and not invasive of your space and the space of guests, limit and address unwanted barking, how to greet guests politely at the door, and tools for creating a calm dog inside them home and managing certain situations that have been difficult in the past.


4 Days or 7 Days

This program focuses on walking nicely on a leash! We will teach your dog how to stop pulling, lunging and barking! We will help them learn to navigate through crowds, other dogs, cars, bikes and more calmly and respectfully. They will also learn to sit calmly while stopping on leash to chat with friends and neighbors.


10 Days - M-F for 2 Weeks

Get the reliability that your dog will come when called every time on or off a leash! This program utilizes our low level e-collars. Your dog will experience the off leash freedom all dogs deserve! Hiking, swimming and romping where they please, because they will come back when you call!


These programs are longer in length and require one of our intro programs previously be completed.  If you are looking to jump right in to an advanced program, approval from one of our head trainers must be given.


2 Weeks or 3 Weeks

Want an all around amazing dog? Complete obedience and behavior combined into one! Be able to bring your dog everywhere with you and feel confident they will follow your direction and command when necessary. This program will take work and dedication on the owner to be consistent and follow through.


2 Weeks or 3 Weeks

This program is for any dog with serious behavioral issues. We will lay a solid obedience foundation, but focus primarily on behavior and state of mind. Our goal is to create a well rounded member of society! Enrollment in this program must be discussed and cleared with one of our head trainers.



4 Lessons

Don't want to leave your dog overnight? Try out our private training option. Your dog will spend the day with us learning followed by a lesson that evening with you. A minimum of 4 lessons is required, either over two or four weeks. We can look to address in home situations and specifics in lessons 3 & 4, but lessons 1 & 2 will be at our facility.


Any and all over our programs for one year!

This program is for those with difficult dogs and those with super specific goals in mind. We will cater your program to fit your needs and build upon it throughout an entire year!

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All Training Clients are Welcome to Board with Us



This program is a bit more intense and is geared towards puppies who may be struggling a bit more early on. Any crate and or potty training concerns will automatically be placed in the 7 Day program. Your puppy will stay with us for the duration of their training (4 or 7 days).  In addition to potty and crate training, we will focus on laying a behavioral foundation for your puppy. Teaching them how and what we expect of their behavior and building a relationship between you and them that will last a lifetime. You will be provided with the tools and techniques to raise the perfect puppy! Stop the jumping, the nipping, the chewing and more!  


Our most popular puppy program combines daycare and training for a well socialized and well behaved puppy! We focus on creating positive experiences and socialization opportunities for our group of puppies. We teach them how to be respectful and social around other dogs and people and do exercises to build their confidence and help with their overall development. Rather than obedience, this program focuses on your puppies behavior. We will work on thing like jumping, nipping and teach some relaxation techniques to give your puppy an off switch!  Your pup will spend two days with us a week (Tuesdays & Thursdays) for a total of two or four weeks.  Throughout the training, there will be two - three lessons with you to help transfer what your pup is learning while spending time with us!  

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