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Our Training Programs

Within our programs, we will teach and educate owners while rehabilitating their dogs.  Most of our foundational training is based on Training Between the Ears (TBTE) techniques and principles.  TBTE was developed by our colleague, Mark McCabe.  TBTE uses primarily reward and relaxation techniques and strategies to help change the emotional state of the dog and help them to moderate their own emotions.  The techniques aim to build relationships with your dog by removing conflict, developing self-motivation through success seeking behaviors, and changing your dog's perception of the world and their surroundings so they are emotionally stable and more relaxed, therefore resilient to external stressors. 

For any of our off-leash programs, we utilize low-level e-collar stimulation for communication and reliability.  The goal of having an obedient and off leash reliable dog is to enjoy all aspects of your life with them.  The e-collar will give you a means to communicate with your dog from a distance should you need to.  Our trainers have been trained by many of the best and gentlest e-collar and force free trainers out there, but replicate much of what they have learned from Robin MacFarlane.

Many dogs in our training programs will also be conditioned to Heather Beck's Sidekick leash.  Conditioned to appropriately, this leash utilizes the natural pressure point dogs have on their bridge of their noses to help create a calm and confident mindset.  This leash removes unwanted tension from the dogs neck and help to teach them how to walk politely and respectfully on leash in all areas of distraction.


Day School
$850 - $1,250

Get your puppy started on the right paw! Our puppy day school is 2 days per week for 5 weeks.  These 2 days, your puppy will spend the day with us learning and socializing.  There will be a weekly lesson with you and homework for the next week. 

In a jam and want to move faster, we also offer a straight M-F crash course.


Board & Train or Day Train
Starting at $1,250 per week

This training program will give you an obedient and reliable dog.  Our focus is in home manners, walking well on leash, coming when called, basic obedience (sit, down, place, leave it). This program comes with an e-collar that you will be trained on appropriately. Option to come home on nights and weekends.


Board & Train
Starting at $1,000

Walk the dog you've always dreamed of! This one week (5 day, M-F) program focuses just on proper leash etiquette.  Get your dog to walk on a loose and relaxed leash in around all distractions. Reactive dogs may require more than 5 days.  


Day School

Our day school is a great option to stay involved in your dogs training from start to finish!  Your dog will come spend 3 days per week with us for 5 weeks.  There will be a weekly lesson and homework for the weekend.  Dogs 6 months and older. 


Combo of services
Starting at $6,000

This is an 8-week program.  The program begins with a 3 week board and train followed by a lesson with you and weekend homework.  Your dog will return on Monday for an additional 5 days with another lesson upon pick up.  For the remaining 4 weeks, your dog will come in twice a week for a full day of training, accompanied by a lesson with you each week.  This program is designed for those who want the ultimate reliability and to be involved in their dogs training as well as any dogs seeking behavioral modification for anxiety, fear or aggression.


Day School
$950 - $1,900

Love hiking and adventures?  Your dog can too!  This program is strictly designed for off leash reliability.  Get your dog to come when called even if chasing a deer! 

This is also the minimum training program to enroll in our excursion days. For strictly excursion eligibility, 1 week (M-F $950, does not include collar) with enrollment in our two off leash days per week is a possibility.

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