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Daycare & Daily Services

Customization of Socialization



Join us for daycare where your dog can have fun while practicing manners and prosocial behaviors.  All of our daycare packages include on-site social activities and group play as well as trips to our large fully fenced 4 acre field.  Pack walks and off leash hikes may be added on as well! All dogs rest between activities to ensure mental and physical fulfillment while in our care

Half Day: $55

Full Day: $75

Inquire about our free transportation for select locations

Pack Walks

Have your dog join us for one of our group pack walks!  Dogs practice proper leash walking skills as well as how to exist calmly in a pack of other dogs.  We start every dog slowly to make sure they are comfortable within the pack. 

Can be added to all daycare (half or full day) and boarding services: $15/walk


Off Leash Hikes

Add a little adventure to your dogs day!  Each day we will head out and hit different hiking spots, beaches, vineyards and festivals while we let the dogs off leash to have a blast and practice their skills in public. In order to be eligible for our hikes, you must have completed one of our off-leash training programs.


Can be added to full days of daycare or boarding for just $15! 

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