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Boarding & Overnight Services

Because not one fits all

We take care of your dog as if they were our own!

Unlike most boarding facilities, we have an on-site, live-in care taker in both locations.  This care taker is responsible for the facility and the dogs outside of normal and fully staffed business hours.  They will monitor cameras overnight to assure the safety and comfort of your dog as well as provide a late night assistance and care if needed!   All of our boarding suites include a full day of onsite socialization activities and group play.  Pack walks and off leash hikes may be added to reservations for an additional fee.  Both locations have a variety of overnight accommodations for you to choose from.   

Standard Suites $96/day

These suites are our standard and minimum quarters for our four legged guests.  They are spacious and designed in more of a group setting.  They are the perfect suites for those who like to party and play all day and crash at night. These suites are not recommended for non social dogs. 

Luxury Suites $125/day

Our luxury suites offer a bit more privacy and pampering.  These suites are secluded in their own rooms or on the perimeter.  While they vary a bit from suite to suite, most are taller in height, have a decorative view and are fitted out with comfy bedding.

Private Rooms $155/day

The complete hotel experience!  Let your dog enjoy an entire room all to themselves or shared with family and friends (must be preapproved if shared).  No kennel walls or feel whatsoever.  These are actual rooms fitted out with bedding, bowls and home-like decor.


What to Bring

No need to bring anything!  We have blankets for our standard suites and different bedding options for our luxury suite and private rooms.  We advise keeping your bedding and blankets at home as they will get dirty and possibly damaged or misplaced during cleaning/washing.  We also prefer for you to select from one of our meal plans below, rather than send your own food.  We want the dogs to be out and about and therefore like to limit the food around that could cause issues between dogs. If you're worried about an upset stomach, we'd be happy to have one of our feeding specialists speak with you. 

Meal Plans



Owner Provided $5/day

Our Kibble $5/day

Options: Farmina or Open Farm (full product lines)

Gently Cooked

Owner Provided $15/day

Our Gently Cooked $10/day

Options: Open Farm or Small Batch

Raw Food

Owner Provided $15/day

Our Raw Food $10/day

Options: Small Batch of OC Raw

Add Ons

  Pack Walk: $15

A one hour group walk that provides both mental and physical fulfillment for your dog.  Add one once, everyday or just select days.

Off Leash Hike: $15

A group hike and excursion.  We practice and reinforce training and let the dogs run and explore off leash.  Must have completed an off leash training program to participate.

Treadmill session: $15 for 30 minutes

Picture Updates: $5

Go Home Quick Bath: Starting at $45


Full Grooming Services


Non Social Dogs

Non social dogs are dogs that either cannot participate in the group activities of their owner does not want them to socialize.  We recommend our luxury suites or private rooms for our non social dogs as they will spend more time in their room than our social dogs.  There is an additional fee of $25 per day for non social activities. 

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