Our Policies


The recommended time for placing a reservation is 72 hours in advance. In order for Mutts on Main to guarantee care for your dog we need an advanced notice in the event your usual dog walker is over booked or we are filled due to seasonal scheduling. To make a reservation, you can contact us via phone at (973) 975-8794 or email us at info@muttsonmain.com

If you are a new client please take into account that an initial 'meet and greet', and filling of paperwork must occur prior to the start of any services. It is best to call us as soon as possible when starting this process for the first time.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Notification is recommended to be made at least 24 hours prior to service. Notification after 9 AM the day of service will still accrue a full charge for services. Furthermore, if we arrive at your home for dog walking and your dog is not available or if we are unable to gain access to your home during a scheduled dog walk, you will be fully charged for dog walking services. Sometimes a client forgets to cancel and leaves with their dog. Regardless our dog walkers come prepared and travel through any weather, we feel their time should be respected and in so doing charge such services in full.


Payment is due as services are rendered. Regular clients are billed weekly or biweekly for accrued services and payment is due the Friday after. Certain services require partial or full payment in advance. We accept credit cards, cash and checks. Regardless of service, a card is expected to be placed on file with Mutts on Main.

Payment via Checks should be made payable to "Mutts on Main." Checks can be mailed or left with your dog walker.

Payment via Cash may be left in home in an Envelope written out to 'Mutts on Main' for your dog walker to pickup.

Please be advised, Mutts on Main reserves the right to terminate services or suspend memberships if overdue balances persist for over a period of time.

Dogs' Behavior and Health Care

Mutts on Main requires that all dogs remain current with the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordatella. Mutts on Main reserves the right to refuse any services or use of its facilities for dogs who, in its sole determination, are unhealthy, evidence inappropriate behavior or who may otherwise be a danger to themselves or other animals or users. Mutts on Main does not take any responsibility for any damage that may occur to your dog’s leash, collar or harness while in our care. Furthermore, Mutts on Main will not be held liable for any illness or ailment which a dog may incur while in the presence of other dogs at the facility or in Mutts on Main's care for any reason, or otherwise. You must undertake full responsibility for your dog and his or her actions. As our client, you agree to assume the risks and hazards that might be expected to arise from such use of our services and your dog's interaction with other animals. Mutts on Main shall not be responsible, monetarily or otherwise, for injuries to your dog that may arise in the course of play which may be caused by the presence or actions of other dogs. Client hereby agrees to indemnify, save hold harmless and defend Mutts on Main and our employees resulting from any costs, damages, claims or expenses (including veterinarian's fees), that may result from an injury or illness to your dog, or to another dog, if caused by your dog.

Emergency Care

In the event that something should happen to your dog that requires medical attention, we will do everything possible to obtain the right treatment for your dog in a timely manner. In the event that we are unable to reach you in a timely manner for whatever reason, we reserve the right to make medical decisions on your behalf for the care of your dog. You will be responsible for any veterinarian bills that result from getting your dog the medical attention that he or she needs. (See the Intake form that was sent to you)

Acknowledgement and Waiver

By utilizing our services you consent that you have read our policies page in its entirety, agree and understand all of its contents completely, and acknowledge that Mutts on Main has limited liability regarding certain occurrences and incidents that may occur regarding your dog. While we take every precaution possible to ensure that all of the dogs in our care are healthy and safe, the client must recognize that incidents will happen whenever dogs socialize together and that we take no responsibility regarding these incidents. Mutts on Main is not liable for injuries or illnesses that any animal may incur while in our care.

If an owner does not collect his animal and pay for the services within 10 days of the scheduled pickup date, the animal is deemed abandoned. At that time, the facility has certain duties before gaining title to the animal. First, most statutes require that the facility contact the owner and notify him that he can obtain the animal by paying for the services. If the owner does not respond, the facility generally has the duty to turn the animal over to an animal shelter. The State of New Jersey requires that the facility inform the owner as to which shelter the animal has been turned over. After delivery to an animal shelter, the animal is treated as per the shelter’s policies.

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