What kind of training do you offer?​

We have a couple different programs to suit you and your dog’s lifestyle. Our 4-7 day training program is designed to address your dog’s unwanted behaviors. Pending on you and your dog’s needs, we follow up 1 or 3 three times after training. If you’re dog has completed the 4-7 day program and with the approval of our trainers, we offer an eCollar program to give your dog off leash capabilities. We also offer puppy classes. See below!

What is an eCollar?

An eCollar is a tool to give your dog off leash capability. It is a collar that uses low level stimulation for your dog to listen even when he or she is not on a leash. Think of it like the human version of muscle stimulation from a physical therapist! To learn more, head to https://ecollar.com/index.php/about/about-e-collar

Can I take a facility tour?

Currently we do not offer tours.

Can you train my puppy?

We offer puppy classes monthly. It is a two day program, however, the days are not back to back. We take your puppy in for the day on Monday, then hold a group class to go over what your puppy has learned! Then, after a week of practice and homework, we take your puppy the following Monday and repeat the process. For this program, puppies are ideally 4-6 months old. Please be available both weeks!

Can you board my dog?

We offer boarding to all training clients. Please call or email us to ensure we have the dates you need available!

How much does training cost?

Training costs vary pending on you and your dog’s specific needs. The best thing to do for an accurate price is to call!

What is relationship based training?

Relationship based training is designed to meet the needs of both the dog and the human. It is all about learning how your dog is communicating to you and how to ‘talk back’. Training is much like going to school. We set your dog up for success by starting simple and not moving to the next building block until they fully understand.

Where does my dog sleep at night?

Your dog will sleep in a crate at night. It’s the best place for your dog, as he or she has lots to process from training and needs rest!

What are the benefits to a pack walk?
A pack walk is a great way to mentally and physically exercise your dog while they get in on socialization.



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