Tools & Techniques

Behavioral Modification

Within our programs, we will teach and educate owners while rehabilitating their dogs.  Most of our training is based on Training Between the Ears (TBTE) techniques and principles.  TBTE was developed by our colleague, Mark McCabe.  TBTE uses primarily reward and relaxation techniques and strategies to help change the emotional state of the dog and help them to moderate their own emotions.  The techniques aim to build relationships with your dog by removing conflict, developing self-motivation through success seeking behaviors, and changing your dog's perception of the world and their surroundings so they are emotionally stable and more relaxed, therefore resilient to external stressors. 

Leash Walking

While the goal of the walk is a slack and loose leash on any tool of your choosing, we frequently utilize Heather Beck's K9 Lifeline Transitional Leash.  Conditioned to appropriately, this leash utilizes the natural pressure point dogs have on their bridge of their noses to help create a calm and confident mindset.  This leash removes unwanted tension from the dogs neck and help to teach them how to walk politely and respectfully on leash in all areas of distraction.  



Recognizing that all dogs, just like people have different personalities and temperaments, the level of canine-to-canine socialization does vary from dog to dog.  Our most important goal when socializing dogs, is to make sure they are enjoying themselves and the process.  We will be upfront and honest with you that not all dogs actually want to have friends, but that doesn't mean they can be completely intolerant of their existence.  When socializing dogs we utilize a combination of activities including pack walks, structured socials and large field play.  We hope to be able to reopen our Large Field Socialization classes, taught to us by Jason Vasconi, in the near future!


Off Leash Reliability and Obedience

For all of our obedience programs, we utilize low-level e-collar stimulation for communication and reliability.  The goal of having an obedient and off leash reliable dog is to enjoy all aspects of your life with them.  The e-collar will give you a means to communicate with your dog from a distance should you need to.  Most of these programs are done through our board and train programs.  Our trainers have been trained by many of the best and gentlest e-collar and force free trainers out there.



The relationship we build with our clients is just as important to us as the relationship they are building with their dog. Together, we will take the time to develop the best training plan to achieve the goals you have with your dog.  

*Currently we are requiring that all dogs begin with our Canine Coaching Program.  Through this program we can develop a plan to help you with all of the above!

Board & Train Programs


3 Weeks: Starting at $3,500

Customized to address a combination of the below:

Behavioral Foundation




6 Weeks: Starting at $5,000

Customized to address a combination of the below:

Complete Off Leash Reliability

Behavioral Modification


Anxiety Disorders

Aggressive Behaviors

Publicly Obedient

General Obedience

*All of our Board & Trains take place at our facility in Montville.  We do have complete in-home immersions available for an additional charge.  Your dog would live with one of our trainers, travel to and from work with them each day and integrate into their home during off hours, spending the nights with them as well. 

Canine Coaching $250 per lesson

Because we want you to enjoy your dog!

The pandemic this last year has taken a toll on all of us, including our four legged family members.  Recognizing the extreme behavioral changes we are seeing in dogs over the last year, we have modified our programs to better suite their needs and yours as well.  Given that many of us are now working from home and with our dogs on a more consistent basis, why wouldn't we begin our training where you guys spend most of your time, inside your home!  Our Canine Coaching program is designed to begin specifically with that, a private lesson inside your home.  During this lesson we will evaluate your situation and your dogs behavior.  We will begin to lay a foundation to achieve the behaviors you are looking to obtain and coach you on how to effectively communicate with and train your dog.  We will provide you with behavior specific homework and exercises to practice between lessons to help you reach your goals most efficiently.  During this initial lesson, we can also discuss additional training options such as day training and board and trains at our facility. 

Coaching Packages


$750 per Week

Designed to help you achieve a well mannered walking partner!  When dealing with reactivity, we take a three step process: Conditioning, Socializing & Coaching.  Through the combination of services below we will condition your dog to the best tool for them, socialize them around other dogs and trigger and then coach you on how to maintain and build upon what they've learned!

2 Conditioning Days

Two full days spent with our trainers learning a specific tool and technique

1 Day of Daycare

A full day of daycare to build confidence and pro-social behaviors around other dogs

1 Transfer Lesson

A lesson scheduled with you to transfer everything we have taught your dog to you.