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Get to Know Us
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Sean & Nikki

"Every once in awhile a dog enters your life and changes everything" couldn't be further from the truth.  Over a decade ago, Sean & Nikki fell in love with the art of training dogs and animal behavior.  They spent years traveling around the world working with and for other trainers, completing endless hands on personalized shadow programs and assessing the best (and worst) everyone had to offer. 


Nikki had always struggled with the extreme divide in the dog care industry between the luxury dog hotels where the owners have to choose activities that are pricey and may not be enough or fulfilling, the old school kennels where dogs are left in the indoor/outdoor runs for the duration of their stay and the training based facilities that emphasized structure and management.  She knew there had to be something that she could develop that would cater both to dogs and their humans, so she developed Mutts on Main. 


Our Philosophy

Mutts on Main was created to offer dogs a place where they can enjoy being dogs.  They can enjoy running at large, playing with other dogs, swimming, hiking, going for walks and just relaxing.  We offer a happy medium between the structure dogs need to succeed and the ability to have them enjoy all aspects of our lives and be enjoyed in return.

From daycare to boarding to our training programs, all of our services strive to set the foundation for an everlasting relationship between us, owners and their dogs, by fulfilling their needs and offering an environment where they can thrive.

For information on our model of C.A.R.E. and our training techniques please click the button below to be redirected to our training page. 


Jamie Kreitz

Bio coming soon!

Bridget Newfrock

Bio coming soon!


Others you'll see around!

Jeff Kotska

Joanne Smith

Carl Wendt

Elodie Rosset

Mary Griffin

Spencer Brown

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